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1979: The first restaurant to introduce authentic Greek Food in Greenville.

1979: The first restaurant to provide a delivery service for something apart from Pizza.

1986: Introduced the first true vegetarian pizza; SPANAKO PIZZA.

1986: Introduced the first grilled VEGETARIAN SUB.

1992: First vegetarian pizza with carrots as one of the topping ZESTY VEGETARIAN.

1993: Designed, and served the first VEGGIE BURGER. Nothing like what you can buy in a store.

1994: TUNA STEAKS grilled, and seasoned.

1994: Some East Indian food starting this fall.

1996: MOVED next door to 706 S. Evans St.. 

1997: We felt honored at the display of customer loyalty. Nevertheless, introduced the best homemade spinach dip SPINACH PLUNGE, you’ll ever eat. The name “Spinach Plunge” was given by Ms. Rebecca, an employee.

1998: Introduced the FALAFEL, and the HUMMOS DIP both of Middle East origin.

1999: TWENTY YEARS, and still going strong. Thanks to our patrons! Introduced marinated, grilled SHRIMP KABOBS, and SHRIMP MASSALA.

2002: Introduced the fusion oriented, Eggplant or Chicken Parmesan Sub, Meatball Sub, and Rice-tro.

2003: Very good tasting personal Pizza for you. You can count on us for quality, scrumptious food. No heart burns and hopefully no health discomforts.

2006: Unfortunately, due to the price increase for every thing from wages to utilities to rent to supplies, we were forced to raise prices.

2011: We are the oldest non barbeque operating Restaurant in town.

2016: In 1996 when we moved to this location the idea was to buy the property, the old lady Ms. Davenport who owned it pleaded that it would change the taxes etc. she was paying and was thus agreed that on her demise the property will be sold to us. Unfortunately for us the heirs to the property did not honor the promise. Its sad to see the property is in a bad shape.

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